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The types of Company Structures in Thailand

Most business owner wants to establish a company in Thailand but doesn’t meet the initial requirements. Below are the list of the types of company structure in Thailand that you should consider before you proceed with your Company Registration in Thailand process.

What are the types of company structure in Thailand?

The Partnership

In Partnership, there are three types of business structures. The Thai and Western concepts of partnership are mostly similar.


Scary Time

I was in my final paragraph on my very first horror short story, when I glanced at my clock. 4:22 a.m., it read. I wove the time into the story for realism. In the few years since then, I’ve unintentionally finished several first drafts at this exact time. One of my stories in my Horror Library archives is 422 words long. I’ve flown flight #422... twice, I’ve been awarded $422 in a class action claim, I’ve put 422 miles on a rental car, I’ve recently found an old watch, that had slid between the car seat and the armrest, and the battery had died, stopping at 4:22.


A true horror story: in loose rhyme, irregular meter, and without reason

I write a lot of horror fiction - and try my hand at horror poetry. But my fiction pales to real life tragic horror.

I woke up today in Nazi Germany.

I rub the sleep from my eyes.

The radio blares the morning news.

Is this? the good ol'U. S. of A.?

I heard the radio say,"Move out the poor,relocate the worst do it right away."

An old man spoke,actually cried "This is not right,listen to our plight."
But he was beaten,on the streets of New Orleans.


Brains on Horror

-- Fran Friel
I've been haunting the online author chat circuit and picking the brains of some of the finest horror writers in the business. In the last few weeks, I have had the pleasure of chatting with the creator of the Repairman Jack series, F. Paul Wilson; Brian Keene, author of The Terminal and The Rising; and Douglas Clegg, whose Vampyricon series book one, The Priest of Blood, recently hit the New York Times bestseller list.

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