A true horror story: in loose rhyme, irregular meter, and without reason

I write a lot of horror fiction - and try my hand at horror poetry. But my fiction pales to real life tragic horror.

I woke up today in Nazi Germany.

I rub the sleep from my eyes.

The radio blares the morning news.

Is this? the good ol'U. S. of A.?

I heard the radio say,"Move out the poor,relocate the worst do it right away."

An old man spoke,actually cried "This is not right,listen to our plight."
But he was beaten,on the streets of New Orleans.

On N.P.R. a feeble voice of another choice
is only static.The FCC you see banned it as profanity.

In Washington,Cabalists cast spells of neocon kabalaahism
that bind the lips of our journalists.

In far flung lands,Guantanamo,Abu Ghraib,torture tactics
flail prisoners,they spit on holy books in the name of what? For what? To keep us safe? From - terrorists?

Self-righteous,indignant,I look in the mirror at my own black heart.

I reflect on the blood that runs from my own hands.And realize that Iam,
indeed! in the good ol' boy red, black and blue,U.S. of A.

I'm good -for nothing - I let it all happen - on my watch - We elected -a fascist king.

Patriotic fervor leaves a helluva hangover.

I ponder,"For evil to win the good just have to sit and watch."

I woke today in Nazi Germany.

Bennett, a conservative radio commentator [and former Health, Education and Welfare secertary under Bush 1], stirred outrage for saying on his talk show on Wednesday: "But I do know that it's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could, if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country and your crime rate would go down."